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What is


Simply put, the The309 is a shop local initiative organized and executed by AlphaMedia Peoria. Heading the voices of local business owners who are eager to encourage the community to shop locally.

While this website is only a small part of that initiative, it is certainly the central hub. This is where consumers and businesses alike may learn more, find deals, and register as a sponsor.

Because we know how important this initiative is to the community and also have the resources to bring it to life, we are providing this opportunity and it’s benefits for free to business owners. That means, every sponsor will reap the benefits of this marketing triad including 7 radio stations, this website, and a social media presence promoting the whole initiative, and by extension your business.

How do this website fit into the plan? We want to encourage our community to shop local and together we will give them a reason to do so. One way is to provide them with deals they can only find by visiting the The309 website. We call these the Best Exclusive Offer and Exclusive Freebie. These offers are found on the website’s homepage and from the “Let’s Shop” menu. For the consumer to redeem this offer, they must show you the offer from their phone or from a printed copy while at your place of business!


There is strength in working together as a community to maintain an effective shop local initiative. That’s why we are using our inventory to sell yours.


With the added exposure through this well-rounded marketing campaign, your business will be exposed through the strongest and most popular mediums: radio, social media, and website.

7 RADIO Stations

Utilizing the largest reach medium available to bring awareness to Peoria residents, this initiative’s sponsors¬† will get free radio time to promote our communities Best Offers & Freebies.


Regularly connecting with local leads on a social media presence, we regularly share Best Offers, current freebies, and teases for upcoming offers or freebies.


The central hub of The309, this is the new online hangout where the community looks forward to area Freebies, finds the Best Offers, and the means by which to redeem their selected offers.


Gain more customers and strengthen those already existing relationship with increased foot traffic, revenue, and awareness.

Do You Qualify As a

The309 Supporter?


Is your business physically located in the 309 area?


Do you want more customers?


Are you interested in supporting the community?


Are you frustrated with losing local revenue to eCommerce?

If you answered YES to any of those questions, then the The309 initiative is for you!

With a combined Radio, Social Media, and Website marketing campaign, you will collaborate with local businesses to motivate the 309 area residents to shop locally & build local revenue.

Becoming a Registered Sponsor is

as easy as 1. 2. 3.

Complete Form Below

Include your company name, some simple information, and the name of your first Best Exclusive Offer.

Submit Your LOGO

Respond to our email with an attachment of your logo .

See an example below.

Enjoy Increased Traffic

Celebrate when local residents redeem your offer because they have increased your revenue while shopping locally with The309!




The Offer is a single offer available to visitors of The309 website.

Each Sponsor will provide this offer to keep the shop local initiative active.

The top 5 Best Offers will also be mentioned on all 7 radio stations.


The offer lasts for one month. We aim to make updates simple and painless.


All Sponsors participate in the Offer.


Supporter participation is free; there is no cost to your business to be part of the The309 Website.


This offer is available to all visitors of the The309 website.


The Freebie is a single offer available to visitors of The309 with a prominent place on the website.

Only one Sponsor at a time will provide this offer, which allows this sponsor to be prominently showcased on the website, social media, & radio. The freebie insures extra traffic to your local business.

This sponsor will also be mentioned on all 7 radio stations.


The offer lasts for the limited time of one week. Potentially, each week could present a new freebie from a different Sponsor.


Only one sponsor at a time participates in a Freebie.


This offer is also free to the sponsor; there is no charge.


This offer is available to all visitors of the The309 website and can have limitations, such as “First 50” or “While Supplies Last”

become a sponsor

register here

The309 initiative aims to make submitting your offers simple and painless.
Using the form below, there are only 3 items to submit the first time and 2 items from that point forward.

Company Name & Logo*

Logo is only required during registration
(*Logos must be a minimum of 500×500 pixels, 72 dpi, less than 200kb, and either a jpg or png file.)

Name of Offer

ex: 1 FREE Massage


ex: 20% OFF Massage

Description of Offer

Ex: Available to the first 5 new clients to walk-in and claim your FREE full-body massage (excluding face). Must show this promo from phone or printed copy. Not one of the first 5? Show us this offer and ask for the special pricing of $30.90.

Remember, you only need to provide an offer OR freebie. While you’re welcome to, it’s not necessary to provide both an offer and a freebie.

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